Here is the real scoop on the so called 100% Money Back Guarantee Offers on the Internet by some companies that claim “If your traffic ticket is not dismissed then you get 100% of your money back, so you have nothing to lose“:

  1. If you read the fine print beyond the flashy website pages, you will find out that by very clever smoke and mirror technique the truth is being concealed from you. The truth is that you are charged a fee at a high rate initially and you only get a small portion of your money back.
  2. Furthermore, in order for you to get back that tiny percentage, you would have to meet very strict requirements within certain time limits.
  3. If you do not follow the stringent requirements, then you are out 100% of your money. Here is an example:
  • Company ”A” offers 100% money back guarantee
  • They charge $300 total
  • You naturally assume that if your traffic ticket is not dismissed you will get back $300 (NOT TRUE)
  • If you ask them, verbally they will say they will absolutely give back 100% of their Review fee
  • Here is the catch, in the service agreement they break up your $300 into 3 categories;

A. Documentation fee $100
B. Data collection fee $100
C. Review fee $100

  •  Therefore, if somehow you miraculously were able to meet all their requirements and jump through all the hoops, then you would only get back $100 for the Review fee portion
  • By the way, the Traffic Courts in California do not have any filing fees. (absolutely zero filing fees). The only amount that you are required to post when you file your trial by written declaration is the BAIL amount, that’s it. Therefore, if any company claims that there are court filing fees to file your trial by written declaration, you should see that as a red flagTo verify this fact, you can also contact the court and ask the court clerk if the court has any document filing fees.
  • Also, these type of companies will not show you the documents that will be filed on your behalf with the court. Basically, you sign a blank form and have them file any argument on your behalf with the court UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY. You need to ask yourself the following two important questions:

1- Is it wise to sign a blank document without knowing what will be in the document and file it with the court under penalty of perjury?

2- Why these companies will not let you see what is being prepared on your behalf and filed with the court? Perhaps the reason is that the defense is a boiler plated one pager that you could have prepared for yourself for free.  

Here is another example:

  • Company “B” offers 100% money back guarantee
  • They charge $90 total
  • It seems like a great deal, the service is unbelievably cheap and if you lose you get the $90 back
  • Here is the catch, these companies also will give you a boiler plated document that takes less than five minutes to print.All they do is to insert your basic information and the citation number in the boiler plated document. You will not get a licensed expert to prepare a tailor made defense for your specific traffic ticket. That is why these services can afford to do a cheap job. They get clerical people to print up documents not real experts who will actually research the related conditions specific to your ticket and prepare a defense specifically for your case. The boiler plated explanations do not get the traffic tickets dismissed. Basically, you get what you paid for.

The problems that you will have with companies as described above are:

  1. Cheap fees result in cheap documents, and cheap documents do not get traffic tickets dismissed
  2. Judges have seen these boiler plated documents hundreds of times before, so the chance of dismissal is extremely low
  3. You must meet many requirements to get a single dollar back
  4. If and when you get any money back it will not be 100% of what you paid them
  5. These companies try to process a large number of traffic tickets and deny refunds as much as possible. Basically, it is like throwing a bunch of wet noodles against the wall to see how many will stick.

Please be careful, don’t be fooled, if it is too good to be true, it most likely is. Don’t be a wet noodle. For information about traffic ticket attorney guarantees click here.

When a case is reviewed by a judge in a court of law, no one can guarantee the outcome of the case. Even if you hire the best attorneys, the outcome of the case will be decided by the judge.  According to the California State Bar Rules of Professional responsibility 1-400(E), the board of governors of the State Bar adopted standards as of May 27, 1989, to communications defined in rule 1-400(a) are presumed to be a violation of rule 1-400. In summary, Rule 1-400 indicates that no attorney should make any statements of guarantee as to the outcome of a case to persuade a potential client to use their service.

The real question is, who do you trust? Companies that start by confusing the customer and play games with guarantees and low rates or a company that offers you real expert service for a true flat fee at a reasonable rate like us.

Our licensed experts have been dealing with traffic tickets and the traffic courts long before the age of the Internet and we have established a long list of clients all by referral and word of mouth for many years. Our experts will review the specifics of your traffic ticket case and prepare a traffic ticket defense for you. Once the your defense and all the supporting documents have been completed, we will send it to you so that you can review everything that will be filed on your behalf with the traffic court.

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