are red light camera tickets legal in california

Are Red Light Camera Tickets Legal in California?

Are Red Light Camera Tickets Legal in CaliforniaCalifornia vehicle code section 21455.5 (a) gives permission to governmental agencies to use an automated red light enforcement system to issue red light camera tickets to violators within their jurisdiction. However, the installation and the operation of red light cameras must meet stringent requirements in order for the red light camera tickets to be legally issued to the public. The best approach to fight red light camera tickets is to challenge the way the red light system is operated at an intersection.

One of the most important requirements is that there must be signs that clearly indicate the presence of the red light cameras at the intersection. Also, prior to issuing red light camera tickets, for a period of 30 days, the governmental agency may only issue warning red light violation notices. Furthermore, red light camera tickets must be issued after the governmental agency has posted a public announcement for at least 30 days about the commencement of the red light camera operation.

Additionally, a law enforcement agency must also be involved in the operation of the red light cameras as well as a governmental agency. Some functions of the red light camera enforcement may be contracted out to operators or manufacturers of red light camera systems. However, the governmental agency must maintain control over the operation of the traffic signal timing and maintenance of the traffic signal and the required signs.

The California vehicle code also requires that all red light camera tickets be issued only after each case is reviewed and approved by law enforcement prior to being delivered to the alleged violator.

There are also strict requirements with respect to the yellow light clearance interval at each intersection. Basically, the faster the speed limit on a roadway the longer the yellow clearance time. Therefore, the yellow clearance time at an intersection where the speed limit on the roadway is 40 mph would be much longer than a roadway with a speed limit of 25 mph.  For detailed information regarding the yellow clearance time at red light camera enforced intersection click here and look up question #9.

Are Red Light Camera Tickets Legal in California Despite the High Cost?

Red light camera tickets are issued for violation of California vehicle code section 21453. Red light camera tickets cost a lot and that is why most people decide to fight these tickets. We have compiled a list of red light camera locations in California. Therefore the answer to the question “Are Red Light Camera Tickets Legal in California?” is YES. So, sign up for our help to fight your red light camera ticket.