How to Beat Traffic Camera Tickets?

how to beat traffic camera ticketsHow to beat traffic camera tickets?, is a common question these days with so many photo enforcement systems being implemented by cities and counties all over the country. In some states like California red light tickets carry a huge fine to the tune of $500, not including all the other costs such as traffic school court fees and costs associated with the traffic school course itself.

Specifically in California majority of red light camera tickets are issued for violation of vehicle code sections 21453 a or 21453 c. The red light camera ticket defense arguments may vary based on the violation code. As an example, arguing inadequate minimum yellow clearance time for the traffic signal, generally in most cases, applies to violation code 21453 a and not 21453 c. The reason for this is very simple, however you must first understand the difference between 21453 a and 21453 c. Red light camera tickets issued for violation of 21453 a accuse the driver of violating a red ball where violation 21453 c accuse the driver of violating a red arrow.

The design criteria for traffic signals require a minimum yellow clearance time of 3.0 seconds. However, the code requires that the minimum yellow clearance time to be increased based on the prevailing speed limit on the roadway BUT THIS REQUIREMENT ONLY APPLIES TO VIOLATION OF 21453 a. So, if you were accused of violating 21453 c and the minimum yellow clearance time on the date and the time that you were cited was at least 3.0 seconds, then most likely the inadequate yellow clearance time argument will not hep your case.

How to beat traffic camera tickets in California?

There are over a dozen different arguments that may be used in a red light camera defense statement. However, an in depth understanding of traffic signal design requirements as well as all the legal requirements is necessary to come up with a successful defense statement. If you do not have the technical background and the knowledge to know what to look for on how to beat traffic camera tickets, we can help you.