Be careful, there are red light cameras in Alhambra. If you reside or visit Alhambra you should be aware of the red light photo enforcement system at many intersections within the City of Alhambra .

The price of a red light camera ticket is approximately $500. The $500 fine of red light camera ticket does not include any increases to the insurance premiums that may result from getting a red light camera ticket in Alhambra .

If you have a red light camera tickets Alhambra at any of the red light photo enforced intersections, as shown below, click on the highlighted link to go to the specific Alhambra  red light photo enforced intersection for more information:

Alhambra – Red Light Camera Ticket at Fremont Ave and Valley Blvd

How to fight red light camera tickets Alhambra?

Our red light camera ticket experts can help you fight your Alhambra red light camera tickets. All you need to do is to sign up for our flat fee service and fax a copy of your Alhambra red light camera ticket to our toll free fax number.

2 Fix Your Traffic Ticket red light camera tickets alhambra

This gives us as much time as possible to prepare a winning document for your red light camera ticket.