It is imperative to know your options when you receive a red light camera ticket in Hayward. Can you really afford to just pay the $450 ticket and take a point on your driving record for the next three years? Well our traffic experts can provide you with a technical and legal defense that can help you avoid the high cost of the ticket and your insurance premiums. We have years of experience and know the rules and regulations that govern the legal issuance of a red light camera ticket in Hayward.

Not only will our methods save you money, we can save you a lot of time as well. We can provide you a trial by written declaration that ensures that you don’t have to appear before a judge in court. This will allow for a more well thought out defense in which your thoughts can be organized carefully before submittal to the court. We have been fighting red light camera tickets in Hayward for years. Let our traffic experts help you now.

If you have a red light camera ticket in Hayward at any of the red light photo enforced intersections, as shown below, click on the highlighted link to go to the specific Hayward red light photo enforced intersection for more information:

Hayward 2nd St and B St
Hayward Industrial Boulevard and Huntwood Avenue
Hayward Hesperian and Winton
Hayward Mission Blvd. and Industrial Pkwy
Hayward Whipple Rd. and Industrial Pkwy. (North Bound I880 Exit)
Hayward A St. and South Bound I-880 Entrance
Hayward Hwy 92/Jackson St and Santa Clara St
Hayward A St. and (North Bound I-880) Exit
Hayward Hesperian Blvd and A Street

How to fight red light camera tickets in Hayward?

Our red light camera ticket experts can help you fight Hayward red light camera tickets. All you need to do is to sign up for our flat fee service and fax a copy of your Hayward red light camera ticket to our toll free fax number. We will take it from there.