San Diego Speeding Ticket Prices

San Diego speeding ticket prices for 2014 are based on the Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule for California. The following list is an excerpt also applies to San Diego speeding ticket prices:

san diego speeding ticket prices

If you were pulled over for a speeding violation in the San Diego area and you are shocked by the San Diego speeding ticket prices we can help you fight your ticket without having to go to court for most of the above violations.

It is not impossible to beat a speeding ticket in California and avoid paying the fine. Many people will choose to take traffic school to deal with a traffic violation. However, if you choose traffic school you are still going to have to pay the fine as well as the court fee for traffic school (approx. $50). That does not include the fee that you have to pay the traffic school for their services of offering the course. This makes the San Diego speeding ticket prices even higher than the fine amount alone. Also, you would have to spend a few hours completing the traffic school course.

As an alternative to pleading guilty and going to traffic school, if you choose to fight the ticket you may use a trial by written declaration to fight a speeding ticket. This method does not require court attendance by the defendant. What you need to do is to prepare speeding ticket defenses that work in court and submit your defense to the court by mail using the appropriate court forms.

If you decide to do a trial by written declaration we can help to do that for you and save you time and money.