Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Angels Camp California

Instead of a traffic ticket lawyer use our service to fight your traffic tickets in California. The reason for this is very obvious, it costs a lot of money to hire a traffic ticket attorney to fight a traffic ticket in California. Here is the cost effectiveness of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer and you should review this before you move forward. Especially since hiring a Angels Camp traffic lawyer may cost you a lot more than the cost of the ticket fine and the increase in the insurance premium combined.

Our traffic ticket experts know what works in traffic court to get a traffic ticket such as a speeding ticket dismissed. We use the Trial by Written Declaration to fight all types of traffic tickets such as speeding tickets or red-light camera tickets or any other type of  traffic citations.

If I use a trial by written declaration and lose can I still do traffic school?

The short answer is YES. In almost all cases the court would allow a defendant after losing a trial by written declaration to request traffic school. Actually there is a court case People v. Wozniak that indicated that if you lose your case in a trial by written declaration you do not forfeit the right to traffic school. TUse our experts to prepare your trial by written declaration for a speeding ticket or any other ticket to contest a traffic ticket in Angels Camp.