Traffic School in Firebaugh

If you want to know whether you meet the eligibility requirements for attending traffic school in Firebaugh contact the Fresno traffic court and talk to the court clerk.

In general, the requirements to attend traffic school in Firebaugh you must:

  • Have a traffic ticket for an infraction
  • Have a valid driver license on the date of the citation
  • Have responded to the court prior to the due date
  • Have not attended traffic school in the past 18 months

If you meet the traffic school eligibility requirements and wish to attend a traffic school in Firebaugh, simply look around for a traffic school in the area. By attending a traffic school in Firebaugh you will be able to mask the DMV point from your driving record so that you auto insurance rate will not be adversely affected. Once you contact the Fresno traffic court clerk and request traffic school, you will be required to pay the full traffic ticket fine for the violation and the court fee ($50 to $60).  Then, just sign up for a traffic school and you are on your way.

Is there a disadvantage to taking traffic school in Firebaugh?

If you choose traffic school then you would be required to pay the full traffic ticket fine plus the court fees. On the other hand if you fight and beat the traffic ticket you will avoid paying the fine. In Fresno traffic court traffic tickets you can contest a traffic ticket with trial by written declaration.  If that is what you want to do we can help you do fight your ticket as we have for thousands of people. Just let us know if you want us to help you fight your ticket with trial by written declaration; no problem just sign up online, send us a copy of your ticket and let us do all the paperwork for your trial by written declaration. By the way did you know that trial by written declaration does not require for you to appear in court to contest your traffic ticket. Let us help you keep your DMV record clean.