Traffic School in San Pablo

One way to deal with a San Pablo traffic ticket for an infraction is to attend traffic school in San Pablo.  As you may know, one of the first steps to take traffic school is to contact the Contra Costa traffic court and ask the court to allow you to attend traffic school.  As long as you meet the traffic school eligibility requirements in Contra Costa traffic court would allow you to keep the DMV points off your driving record. The seconds step is to pay the full amount of the bail as well as the traffic school administrative court fee ($50 to $60) to the Contra Costa traffic court. The third step is to sign up for a traffic school course.

What is the downside of taking traffic school in San Pablo?

The only downside is that the State of California requires the full traffic ticket fine for the violation and the court fee ($50 to $60) if the person decides to go to traffic school. The only way to not pay the full fine is to fight and beat the traffic ticket. In Contra Costa traffic court traffic tickets can be contested with trial by written declaration.  If you have decided to contest your traffic ticket we can help you do that. The trial by written declaration does not require for you to appear in court. Just sign up online, send us a copy of your ticket and let us do all the work for you to contest your traffic ticket.  Whatever your decision, we can help you fight your traffic ticket in San Pablo. Let us help you keep your DMV record clean.