What is the cost of 22406 a vc violation in California
Truck or Tractor Driving Over 55 mph Speed Limit
22406 a vc Fine $480 DMV Point 1 (2012)

22406 a vcThe fine for violation of California vehicle code section 22406 a vc is $480 for exceeding the 55 mph speed limit for commercial vehicles. The DMV point for violation of section 22406a vc is 1 point. Basically, it is a violation of section 22406 a vc for a driver to drive in excess of the posted speed limit of 55 mph.

The cost for violation of 22406 a vc for driving over the speed limit is much higher than the imposed $480 fine due to the 1 DMV point that will appear on the driver’s DMV record resulting in an increase for the insurance premium for 3 to 5 years. Therefore, to calculate the actual cost of 22406 a vc traffic ticket one must take into account the $480 fine as well as the increase in the insurance premium for the 3 to 5 year period. To fight a speeding ticket for 22406 a vc with a trial by written declaration click on the highlighted link.

22406 vc No person may drive any of the following vehicles on a
highway at a speed in excess of 55 miles per hour:
(a) A motor-truck or truck tractor having three or more axles or
any motor-truck or truck tractor drawing any other vehicle.
(b) A passenger vehicle or bus drawing any other vehicle.
(c) A school bus transporting any school pupil.
(d) A farm labor vehicle when transporting passengers.
(e) A vehicle transporting explosives.
(f) A trailer bus, as defined in Section 636.