What is the cost of 22451 b vc violation in California
Failure to Stop for Train Signals/Closed Gates
22451 b vc Fine $480 DMV Point 1 (2012)

The fine for violation of California vehicle code section 22451 b vc is $480 for failure to stop at a train signal or gate. The DMV point for violation of section 22451 b vc is 1 point. Basically, it is a violation of section 22451b vc for a driver to not come to a complete stop at a limit line for a train crossing.

The cost for violation of 22451 b vc for not making a proper stop is much higher than the imposed $480 fine due to the 1 DMV point that will appear on the driver’s DMV record resulting in an increase for the insurance premium for 3 to 5 years. Therefore, to calculate the actual cost of 22451 b vc ticket one must take into account the $480 fine as well as the increase in the insurance premium for the 3 to 5 year period. To fight a stop sign ticket for 22451 b vc with a trial by written declaration click on the highlighted link.

22451 (b) No driver or pedestrian shall proceed through, around, or
under any railroad or rail transit crossing gate while the gate is
(c) Whenever a railroad or rail transit crossing is equipped with
an automated enforcement system, a notice of a violation of this
section is subject to the procedures provided in Section 40518.