What is the cost of 22454 a vc violation in California
Passing School Bus With Flashing Signals
22454 a vc Fine $680 DMV Point 1 (2012)

The fine for violation of California vehicle code section 22454 a vc is $680 for failure to stop for a school bus with flashing signals. The DMV point for violation of section 22454 a vc is 1 point. Basically, it is a violation of section 22454a vc for a driver to not come to a complete stop at school bus with flashing signals.

22454 a vcThe cost for violation of 22454 a vc for not making a proper stop is much higher than the imposed $680 fine due to the 1 DMV point that will appear on the driver’s DMV record resulting in an increase for the insurance premium for 3 to 5 years. Therefore, to calculate the actual cost of 22454 a vc ticket one must take into account the $680 fine as well as the increase in the insurance premium for the 3 to 5 year period. To fight a stop sign ticket for 22454 a vc with a trial by written declaration click on the highlighted link.

22454(a) The driver of any vehicle, upon meeting or overtaking,
from either direction, any school bus equipped with signs as required
in this code, that is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading
any schoolchildren and displays a flashing red light signal and stop
signal arm, as defined in paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) of
Section 25257, if equipped with a stop signal arm, visible from front
or rear, shall bring the vehicle to a stop immediately before
passing the schoolbus and shall not proceed past the schoolbus until
the flashing red light signal and stop signal arm, if equipped with a
stop signal arm, cease operation.
(b) (1) The driver of a vehicle upon a divided highway or
multiple-lane highway need not stop upon meeting or passing a
schoolbus that is upon the other roadway.
(2) For the purposes of this subdivision, a multiple-lane highway
is any highway that has two or more lanes of travel in each
(c) (1) If a vehicle was observed overtaking a schoolbus in
violation of subdivision (a), and the driver of the schoolbus
witnessed the violation, the driver may, within 24 hours, report the
violation and furnish the vehicle license plate number and
description and the time and place of the violation to the local law
enforcement agency having jurisdiction of the offense. That law
enforcement agency shall issue a letter of warning prepared in
accordance with paragraph (2) with respect to the alleged violation
to the registered owner of the vehicle. The issuance of a warning
letter under this paragraph shall not be entered on the driving
record of the person to whom it is issued, but does not preclude the
imposition of any other applicable penalty.
(2) The Attorney General shall prepare and furnish to every law
enforcement agency in the state a form letter for purposes of
paragraph (1), and the law enforcement agency may issue those letters
in the exact form prepared by the Attorney General. The Attorney
General may charge a fee to any law enforcement agency that requests
a copy of the form letter to recover the costs of preparing and
providing that copy.
(d) This section also applies to a roadway upon private property.