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We can help you fight any California driving ticket whether it is a speeding ticket, red light camera ticket, or any other type of traffic ticket for all traffic citations for violation of an infraction. We do all the work for you so you do not have to waste any time going to traffic court and IF YOUR TICKET IS NOT DISMISSED WE WILL GIVE YOU A 100% REFUND, see details. We have helped thousands of people fight their traffic tickets without having our clients make a single court appearance.

We have created a simple and secure on-line sign up process that would take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Then, fax or e-mail a legible copy of your California traffic ticket to us. We will take it from there. We will start working on your case immediately. Most importantly, prior to filing the documents with the traffic court, you will have a chance to review the documents to see exactly what is filed with the court.

Free traffic schoolIf your ticket is not dismissed or reduced you may have the option of attending traffic school to keep the DMV point off your record. If so, You could use our on-line DMV-licensed and approved traffic school (TVS #E0157) course for $8.99. YES, ON LINE TRAFFIC SCHOOL FOR $8.99!  (Special Offer for Today). Please note you must be eligible and permitted by the court to take traffic school. Normally, the court would allow you to take traffic school (for a 1 point violation) if you have not taken traffic school in the past 18 months. Click here for more information on our TRAFFIC SCHOOL OFFER. It is your decision to fight your ticket or to just sign up for traffic school without using our service to fight your traffic ticket. Our online traffic school is FUN, EASY, FAST and ENTERTAINING. You can complete the course in minutes and be done with it. To SIGN UP FOR TRAFFIC SCHOOL for $8.99 CLICK HERE.

Our traffic ticket experts have been helping people contesting tickets in California for years. Take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee offer to fight speeding tickets, red light tickets or to fight any type of traffic ticket RISK FREE. We offer a highly professional service with an excellent track record for dismissing traffic tickets.

If you have decided to fight your traffic ticket with a trial by written declaration, then do it with professional help to increase the chances of dismissing the ticket. Keep in mind, if your traffic ticket is not dismissed in traffic court, you will be required to pay the traffic fine and your insurance premiums could increase as much as 20% to 30% for the next 3 to 5 years. The economic cost of a DMV point on your record could add up to over $1000. Beat traffic tickets in California—let our traffic ticket experts save you the time and money.

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