Speeding Ticket Cost 2013

speeding ticket calculatorTo calculate the total cost of a speeding ticket in California one must include the additional costs associated with the increased insurance premiums as well as the cost of the fine. Additionally, people who choose to do traffic school instead of fighting a speeding ticket, they will still have to pay the entire fine amount as well as an additional $50 court fee to do traffic school on top of the fees they have to pay for the traffic school itself. Also, most courts will not give the traffic school option if the person was driving 26 mph over the speed limit.

The speeding ticket cost 2013 in California is based on the number miles over the posted speed limit. We have listed a chart with the number speed limit miles over the posted speed limit and the corresponding fines in the table below to help you calculate the approximate speeding ticket cost:

 MPH Over Limit Base Fine State PA* Various Surcharge Fees Fine Surcharge & PASubtotal Court OPS Conv. Assess. Night Court  “Total    Bail” **
 1–15 $35 $40 $87 $162.00 $40 $35 $1 $238.00
 16–25 $70 $70 $151 $291.00 $40 $35 $1 $367.00
 26 and over $100 $100 $214 $414.00 $40 $35 $1 $490.00