22349 a vc – Speeding tickets for violation of Section 22349 a of the California Vehicle Code are one of the most common type of traffic tickets in California. A great majority of these speeding tickets are issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

22349 a vcSpeeding tickets for 22349 a vc are issued for the violation of the California Maximum Speed Limit Law. The following is the description of the section 22349 a:

22349 a vc – It is a violation of Vehicle Code Section 22349 a to drive over 65 mph on a roadway that is not posted for 70 mph. In general, Section 22349 a vc applies if the roadway is a divided highway or undivided highway with multiple traffic lanes in each direction (not including passing lanes). Section 22349 a may apply for roadways that are considered urban streets. For example, if a driver exceeds 65 mph on a multi-lane roadway on a city street, the driver may be issued a speeding ticket for the violation of vehicle code section 22349 a instead of 22349 b or even 22350.

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