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It is our belief that most people do not get in the car with the intention to violate traffic laws. There are situations where drivers are accused of violating a traffic law and given a traffic ticket where in fact the conditions were such that violations could occur at no fault of the drivers. We would like to help you prove your point and clearly write your statement of facts for you.

For example, the legislature of the State of California enacted laws to prevent governmental agencies from creating speed traps and handing out unsuspecting drivers speeding tickets and hefty speeding ticket fines. According to the California Vehicle code the speed limits on roadways must be set based on strict rules and guidelines, if the speed limit is to be reduced below the State’s maximum speed limits.

Unfortunately, there are some agencies, either by mistake or deliberately, that do not follow these rules and install speed limits way below the State’s mandated requirements. Once these artificially low speed limits have been established, the law enforcement agencies have to enforce those speed limits. The Officers may not even know the technical details of what constitutes a legal or safe speed on a roadway. The Officers base their judgement of the safe speed on the posted speed limit and the roadway conditions at the time of the speeding ticket violation. It is not the intent of the officers to issue bad speeding tickets. They are just doing their job of enforcing the posted speed limits.

Therefore, it is possible for a person to get a speeding ticket for exceeding the posted speed limit that was established in violation of the legal requirements. In this situation who has really violated the traffic law? The governmental agency that established the illegal speed limit or the person who exceeded the illegal speed limit ?

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