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  • No Court Appearance Necessary
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  • Get It Dismissed Or 100% Money Back
  • No Court Appearance Necessary
  • No Hidden Fees Whatsoever
  • Get It Done Fast & Easy / Risk Free

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How To Beat A Traffic Ticket in California Using Our Service

How to beat a traffic ticket in California without going to a court trial? The easiest way to fight a California Traffic Ticket is a process called Trial By Written Declaration. This process does not require for you to appear in court in order to contest the citation. We offer to prepare your trial by written declaration documents for $99 FLAT FEE with 100% Money Back Guarantee. This way you have NOTHING TO LOSE. If your ticket is not dismissed just send us a copy of the notice of decision (form TR-215) sent to you by the court and we will issue you a $99 refund within 5 business days. This is a RISK FREE OFFER.


STEP 1 - Sign Up For Our Service To Dismiss Your Ticket

$99 fight traffic ticketsClick on the "$99 Flat Fee Sign Up Here" button (top right), complete the sign up form and send us a legible copy of your traffic ticket along with any other letters that you may have received from the court.

STEP 2 - We will Prepare all the documents for Trial by Written Declaration

speeding-ticket-expertAfter you complete the sign up process in Step 1, we will start working on your case. We will prepare your documents for your Trial by Written Declaration. The documents are prepared based on the information provided to us by you on our online sign up form, please make sure to enter all the requested information correctly and in the text box provided clearly indicate the reasons for which you think the ticket should be dismissed.   Once the documents have been finalized, we will send you the completed documents by email, depending on your preferred choice of delivery. You may select to have your documents prepared on rush basis during the sign up process. As previously indicated, a trial by written declaration does not require for you to appear in court.

STEP 3 - Sign and Send the Trial by Written Declaration to the Court

trial by written declaration in CaliforniaUpon receiving the complete packet from us for your Trial by Written Declaration documents, you will get a chance to review the documents. Then, all you would need to do is to 1- Sign the documents in the designated signature areas 2- Attach a check for the bail/fine amount and 3- Mail the documents along with the check to the court prior to your appearance/due date. YOU ARE DONE.  Just sit back and wait for the court to review your defense statement and send out the verdict directly to you by mail. We recommend for you to use certified mail or registered mail with return receipt requested to send the trial by written declaration document to court.

STEP 4 - You Will Receive the Verdict from the Court in the Mail

beat a speeding ticket in California On average the courts may take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to reach a verdict in your case, depending on the court's backlog . Once the verdict has been reached and submitted to the court clerk, the court clerk will send you the verdict by mail to inform you of the outcome of your case.


The following are the possible outcomes for a trial by written declaration trial:

NOT GUILTY - If you get a not guilty verdict, the court will send you a refund check within 30 days for the bail/fine amount that you posted at the time of filing the documents. A not guilty verdict means that the ticket was dismissed and that is the end of it.

GUILTY -  You will have 3 options:

  1. You may decide to do nothing and move on with your life. However, the advantage of a Trial by Written Declaration is that if you get a guilty verdict you have lost nothing, you still have the following 2 options available to you
  2. You may request the court to allow you to take traffic school to keep the DMV point off your record, if you are eligible for traffic school
  3. You may request a new trial (Trial De Novo) within 20 days of the date of the verdict letter. A Trial De Novo is a new trial as if the trial by written declaration did not even take place. You will have to appear for this trial in court yourself on the date and the time given to you by the court clerk

PARTIAL REDUCTION - If the case is not entirely dismissed, the judge may reduce the bail and wave the DMV point, or just wave the DMV point or just reduce the bail. Partial reductions are not very common but they do happen.

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