22349a Speeding Ticket

22349aA speeding ticket for violation of 22349a of the California vehicle code can cost you a lot of money both in terms of the fine for 22349a and also for the possible increase in the insurance premiums that may result from the DMV point on the driving record.

As a result, if you have been pulled over and issued a speeding ticket for 22349a, you need to take quick action to try to keep the DMV point off your record. If you meet the minimum requirements to attend traffic school that may be a way out. However, keep in mind that traffic school will only mask the DMV point from your record but you still have to pay the fine as well as the court fees to get traffic school.

Another option would be to dispute traffic tickets by the use of a trial by written declaration or a court trial. Either way you would have to show the court completing reason for which the speeding ticket should be dismissed.

What is violation of 22349a for speeding ticket?

If you were charged with violation of 22349a it means that you have been accused of exceeding the maximum speed limit of 65 mph on a California roadway. In California, the maximum speed limit on a multi-lane roadway is 65 mph unless the speed limit has been increased to 70 mph or reduced below the 65 mph based on a traffic and engineering study.

What is the cost of 22349a speeding ticket?

The cost of the fine for 22349a speeding ticket would depend on how many miles per hour you were accused of driving over the 65 mph speed limit. The higher the speed the higher the fine.

22349a-speeding-ticket-finesIf you have a speeding ticket for 22349a, we can help you fight this ticket with a trial by written declaration just sign up for our service.