2FixYourTrafficTicket Reviews

2fixyourtrafficticket reviewsOver the past several years we have successfully handled thousands of traffic tickets for our clients. This fact is evident in many wonderful 2FixYourtrafficTicket reviews that were sent to us or posted on the internet by satisfied clients. It is important to note that less than 0.01% of all satisfied clients send us a thank you note or a testimonial or post a positive comment anywhere on the. Almost in all cases the next time we hear from our satisfied clients is when they receive another traffic ticket or if they are calling to refer a relative or a friend.

For the most part, the success of 2fixyourtrafficticket reviews is due to our company’s policy to go out of our way to service each and every client. This policy has resulted in providing excellent service to our clients for many years at the best price and it has earned the coveted “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau for 2FixYourTrafficTicket.com. We also have been vetted by TRUSTE with respect to our online compliance with all necessary requirements and proper business identity and privacy policy.

As a matter of fact over the years we have had a miniscule number of complaints against our company compared to thousands of clients that we have had the opportunity to serve. However, despite our diligent concerted efforts to meet all the demands of our clients and provide an outstanding service, just like any other service oriented business, we cannot possibly make everyone happy.

We recognize that there are situations where despite of our hard efforts there will be a handful of people who will have a complaint about 2FixYourTrafficTicket.com. Regardless of the nature or type of complaints our management team always will evaluate every review for 2FixYourTrafficTicket.com to explore any avenue where things could have been handled differently. If there are situations that we find we can take corrective steps to improve our service to our clients then we would immediately implement the necessary changes.

Then, there are frivolous complaints that result in bad reviews for 2FixYourTrafficTicket.com. As a matter of fact the handful of complaints that we have received are of this nature. We do not in any shape or form at any time claim that we guarantee the dismissal of traffic tickets nor we in any shape or form indicate that we have a money back guarantee offer. This fact is clearly in simple English stated in our user agreement that every client must agree to in order to use our service. However, very few clients after receiving a guilty verdict from the court ask us for a refund of our service fee that they paid us.

Generally, these types of clients approach us with a refund request. After we remind them that we do not have a money back guarantee and this fact is spelled out in the user agreement, the client threatens us with a bad review for 2FixYourTrafficTicket.com unless we agree to the refund. This is a method of extortion that does not work with us.