CA Speeding Ticket Calculator

So, you have a CA speeding ticket and you need to calculate the total cost of the speeding ticket. What you need to know is that the true cost of a California speeding ticket does not end with the fine amount.To explain this fact in more details please read the following options and the possible associated costs:

Option 1 – Please guilty and pay the speeding ticket ticket

If you decide to plead guilty and pay the ticket fine, you need to keep in mind that you will have a 1 DMV point added to your driving record. This 1 point will cost you money at the time you renew your auto insurance policy. Most insurance companies will raise the insurance premium based on the number of DMV points on a driver’s record.

Option 2- Plead guilty and chose to go to traffic school

If you decide to go to traffic school, provided that you are eligible to attend traffic school, you would have to pay the full fine plus the court fee for traffic school ($50 or $60) plus the cost of attending traffic school.

Option 3 – Plead not guilty and fight the ticket

If you plead not guilty and fight the speeding ticket, you may be required by the court to post the full bail amount before the court would hear your case. However, if you win your case you will get the bail amount back from the court. Also, if you end up losing your case after you fight your speeding ticket, you may still ask the judge to allow you to attend traffic school. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay an extra penalty if you fight your ticket. This way you at least get a chance to have your speeding ticket dismissed and if not at least you can attend traffic school as long as you meet the minimum requirements to attend traffic school. But if you win your case this is the most economical way to deal with the ticket.

Here is a table as your CA Speeding Ticket Calculator;

CA Speeding Ticket Calculator