California Red Light Camera Tickets

fight red light camera ticketThe fines for California red light tickets is the highest rates of red light camera fines in the United States. One of the major causes of an accident in the country is running a red light. It is important to mention that running a red light causes 20% of all fatal accidents in addition to property damage each year.

The problem with getting a California red light ticket is not just the heavy fines that you would have to pay. A California red light ticket will also cost you DMV points on your driving record which will increase your insurance premiums for 3 to 5 years.

Getting out of a red light ticket is not very difficult. However, one must know how a California red light camera ticket is issued and how the red light cameras work. With a red light camera system an officer does not have to be present at the intersection to issue the red light ticket. The red light cameras will take photos and videos of the red light violator. Then, the red light photos and the red light video will be reviewed by an officer to determine if the red light violation really occurred. The red light cameras provide the officer with photos of the drivers face, the license plate of the vehicle, date and time of the red light offense, the vehicle’s speed as it goes through the red light and the amount of time elapsed after the light turned red. The red light camera tickets are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle involved in the red light violation. The registered owner of the vehicle usually receive their red light camera citation in the mail within 15 days. The red light camera tickets include a photo of the license plate and the face of the driver running the red light. These are the basics of a California red light camera ticket.

The red light cameras are activated when the vehicle is beyond a certain distance from the intersection after the light has turned red. As an  example, if a driver enters an intersection while the light is green or yellow to make a left turn and the light turns red before the left turn has been completed, the red light camera would not be activated and the driver would not be issued a red light camera ticket.

To fight and beat a California red light camera ticket it is important to note that the red light cameras do not always operate according to design standards or the red light cameras sometimes malfunction resulting in the issuance of erroneous red light camera tickets.

According to the California vehicle code running a California red light is an infraction. A California red light camera ticket will add one point to the driver’s California DMV record. The red light ticket will result in an increase to the insurance premium of the driver. Therefore, it is a good idea to fight a California red light ticket with professional help.

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