City of Capitola Red Light Camera Ticket

capitola red light camera ticketIf you a City of Capitola red light camera ticket and you want to know how to contest this ticket we can help you. There are many different ways to contest red light camera tickets. One obvious method is a court trial. But this would require going to court and fighting the case in open court. Many people get very intimidated in court and cannot get their point across to the judge and they end up loosing the case.

One other method that does not require court attendance to fight a Capitola red light camera ticket is trial by written declaration. Using this option, a defendant can send their defense statement to the court by mail. Once the judge has had a chance to review the statement, the judge will issue a verdict. Then, the verdict is mailed to the defendant if the verdict is not guilty, the ticket will be dismissed.

Currently there are two intersections in City of Capitola with red light cameras:

  1. 41st & Capitola Mall
  2. 41st & Clares

If you choose to use a trial by written declaration to contest your red light camera ticket we can help you. Just sign up for our service and let us do the work for you.