Fight speeding tickets or red light camera tickets or any type of traffic tickets with our Premier Plan

After we have received all the required information and relevant technical data regarding your traffic ticket, we will prepare all the necessary court documents and the statement of facts including exhibits for your Trial by Written Declaration. We will send you the final finished documents. All you have to do is review, sign, and submit the documents to the designated traffic court prior to the due date. The cost of the Premier Plan is $189 Flat Fee.

2 Fix Your Traffic Ticket - We will take it from there...


VOLUME DISCOUNT is a great option for individuals with multiple traffic tickets, companies with multiple employees and traffic ticket law firms. You pay $656 for 4 traffic tickets for a total savings of $100 and your plan will not expire until we have completed work on all 4 traffic tickets. For example, if you only submit 2 traffic tickets (a speeding ticket and a red light camera ticket) at the time of sign up, you will have credit for 2 additional traffic tickets (any traffic ticket such as another speeding ticket or red light ticket or stop sign ticket u turn ticket or any traffic ticket) that you may use at anytime in the future. You will also lock in the current service fee and future fee increases will not apply to you.

To all traffic ticket attorneys and law firms: As of February 1, 2010, we no longer offer deferred 30 day billing to any law firm, no exceptions. Please use the Premier Plan Volume Discount process to sign up for our service and fax your client’s citation, court documents and statement to us. If you do not want our staff to directly contact your client for additional information, you MUST clearly inform us in writing at the time you submit the documents to us.