Commercial Driver Traffic School

If a person has a commercial driver license and is accused of an eligible offense in a noncommercial vehicle, then the court may allow for commercial driver traffic school. After completing an approved traffic school program, the driver’s DMV record will show a conviction however a negative point will not be reflected on the DMV record.

It is important to note that if you choose to just plead guilty and not go to traffic school, your auto insurance premium may increase. Commercial driver traffic school eligibility may be determined by the court. Since most commercial drivers want to keep a clean driving record it is absolutely important to be on top of the situation and make sure to contact the court in a timely manner to address the traffic violation. Also, once the court has approved traffic school, it is very important for the commercial driver traffic school be completed on time and submit the certificate of completion to the court prior to the deadline for approval.

For What Type of Offenses You CANNOT go to traffic school?

You cannot go to traffic school for non-moving violations such as parking tickets, misdemeanors, equipment offenses, offenses requiring a mandatory court appearance, offenses that occurred while driving a commercial vehicle, in some cases for speeding over 25 mph over the speed limit and alcohol related offenses.

Aside from the type of offenses that do not meet the requirement to go to traffic school, there are other eligibility requirements as well. In California, one of the eligibility requirements to go to traffic school is that the person must not have gone to traffic school for another ticket in the last 18 months.

California Rules of Court, rule 4.104.