What Happens If I Do Not Pay Red Light Camera Ticket?

don't pay red light camera ticketDo I pay a red light camera ticket or not? That is the question that many people have when they get an outrageously expensive red light camera ticket fine in the mail for approximately $500. There are many erroneous information on various websites telling people that they can just ignore a red light camera ticket and they would never have to deal with it again. Well, as many people who choose to ignore the ticket find out that they made a mistake. Normally, the court will send out a notice of failure to appear with an additional $300 added to the original $500 fine.

Additionally, if you do not pay red light camera ticket the court could move to put a hold or suspend your driver license until the matter has been cleared up. Basically, ignoring a red light camera ticket is not a good idea and it can end up costing you more money and time to get out of the ticket.

In many instances people do not even know that their driver license has been suspended. Some people find out about their license status when they are pulled over by an officer for a traffic violation and the officer informs the person that their driver license is suspended. In these case, the officer will also issue a citation for the current violation as well as for driving on a suspended license. Basically, do not ignore a red light camera ticket in the hopes that it would just go away by itself. It will not.

The only way you do not pay red light camera ticket is to contest the ticket and win. We can help you fight your red light camera ticket. Just click on the red button on top of the page and sign up for our service.