Fight Laser Speeding Ticket in California

RADAR SPEEDING TICKETSo, you have a laser speeding ticket in California and you want to fight it. But the main question is how? Laser speeding tickets can be beat mostly due to error factors that may be present due to equipment malfunction or limitation or due to officer error.

To successfully fight a laser speeding ticket in California you must first understand how laser detectors work. Laser detectors work with a low powered laser beam of light that bounces off a shiny spot on the target vehicle and returns to the unit. The laser unit using a mathematical algorithm calculates the speed of the vehicle. Laser detectors are more accurate than radar units because the light beam is narrower than a radar waves, which provides for better aim. However, it is important to note that a laser device uses more than one beam in most cases three beams which creates a margin of error for an accurate reading of the speed.

Laser detectors determine the speed of a moving object by measuring the time it takes for the laser beam to bounce back 3 or 4 times in less than 0.5 seconds. Also, the narrow field of the laser beam makes it very difficult for the officer to maintain steady shot on the target vehicle especially traffic with many vehicle. It is not uncommon that the officer may get an erroneous ready due to the laser beam bouncing back from two vehicles rather than just the target vehicle.