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Fight Speeding Ticket California

fight speeding ticket


Speeding tickets are the most common type of traffic citations that are issued in California. To fight speeding ticket California you would have to have all tools and knowledge necessary to have a successful argument in court.

Here are a few steps that you would need to take to fight speeding ticket California:

  1. Look for the violation code on the citation: The reason it is important to know the violation code is to determine whether or not a California speed trap defense would apply to your case. Only certain violations under 22350 vc are subject to a speed trap defense. Therefore, if you were accused of speeding for 22349 a vc, 22349 b vc, 22356 b vc, 22406 vc, 22407 vc, 22348 vc you cannot use a speed trap argument in your case.
  2. Determine the method of enforcement: The officer will record the method of the speed enforcement on the citation. Sometimes the officer's notation may be easy to find as some citations will have the words "Radar" "Lidar" printed on them. The officer will circle one to indicate which device was used. If the enforcement was done by pacing a vehicle, then the officer may write the word "Paced" on the citation with some numbers following the word. The numbers indicate the distance that the officer paced the vehicle. In some cases if airplane was used for speed detection then the officer will write the words "Air Unit" on the ticket. remember each enforcement method will require a different defense argument with various situations specific to each case.
  3. Location of violation: At the time of the enforcement make a mental note of the location and when the officer gives the citation to you to sign check to see if the location of violation of recorded correctly on the ticket. If you notice an error you may use this issue in court to your advantage.
  4. Miscellaneous information on the citation: Review the citation in detail to see if the officer made any errors.
  5. Collect all the necessary information: Based on the violation code you would need to collect the right information that relates to the specific defense argument that you may want to present based on the applicable circumstances.
  6. Start drafting your defense statement: Use your defense strategy to draft a defense statement that is going to refute the officer's evidence against you.

Now you need to decide if you are going to court to fight speeding ticket California or to do it with a trial by written declaration.


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