Why you need knowledge and how to fix ticket?

There are many situations where a drivers is pulled over and issued a traffic ticket where the circumstances were beyond the control of the driver. To successfully fix tickets that fall in this category, a sound traffic ticket defense would have to establish the conditions that were beyond the driver’s control might have contributed to the violation. Once such example would be missing speed limit signs on roadways where the speed limit is below the maximum allowable speed for that roadway. Obviously, any driver would need proper and adequate notification of the reduction of the speed limit on the roadway.

fix ticketIn cases where conditions outside of the driver’s control may cause a driver to violate a regulatory sign the chances to fix ticket is much higher. For example, is a speed limit sign was posted by the local jurisdiction but due to wear and tear after a while the sign becomes hard to read or a tree covers the speed limit sign. The question for the judge is; how could a speed limit sign be enforced if it is missing or not visible or not legible? In a case like that the judge would be far more likely to fix ticket. The whole idea is to fix tickets that are issued unfairly.

Look at this picture where the only visible portion is “Speed Limit” but the speed limit number is completely covered by vegetation. Don’t you think this would be a case where one can argue to fix ticket based on the sign being covered?  fix a ticket