If you fight your traffic ticket with a Trial by Written Declaration and if your ticket is not dismissed you could request the court to allow you to take traffic school.

Eligibility requirement to attend traffic school California – When you receive information regarding your traffic citation in the mail, the paperwork will indicate your option to attend traffic school. If this option is listed (or if you know you haven’t attended in the last 18 months), simply pay the fine and the court’s traffic school administrative fee and complete a traffic school course by the deadline given to you by the court. You may not attend traffic school to mask a point if: you attended traffic school within the previous 18 months, if the conviction was for a major (2-point) violation, or if you were operating a vehicle requiring commercial license at the time of the violation. Holders of a commercial license may attend traffic school for a violation committed in a non-commercial vehicle in order to avoid having the conviction count toward a “negligent operator” designation; the record of the conviction would not be held confidential, and it would be disclosed to employers and to insurers for the purposes of insurance underwriting and rating.