Good Excuse For Speeding Ticket

good traffic ticket excusesWhat is a good excuse for speeding ticket? Over the years we have heard many excuses that people try to use to get our of a speeding ticket. Some of these excuses are actually very funny. For example, we know of someone who though it would be a good excuse for speeding ticket to tell the officer that he had to get to a bathroom because he had diarrhea. Needless to say the officer was not impressed and actually told the person “okay I will give you a quick ticket so that you can get to a bathroom”. Or in another case where the person told the officer that his baby was crying for food so they had to get to the store.

Also, in many cases some of these excuses may even be a form of admission of guilt. For example, if you tell the officer you are late for a meeting and you need to get there fast. Well, in a way you have just admitted guilt and you have not talked your way out of a speeding ticket.

As we have said many times over on this website, excuses do not get speeding tickets dismissed, facts do. But you would need to know what facts to use to get the tickets dismissed. That is where we come in and help our clients fight and beat their tickets.