Fight LA MTA Red Light Camera Ticket

la mta red light camera ticketThe Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority LA MTA has been issuing red light camera tickets at the crossings of MTA metro line alignments and surface streets. The cameras are placed at the crossings of LA MTA Blue line, Gold line, Expo line and the orange line. The LA MTA red light camera tickets are issued by the LA County Sheriff department. The fines for the LA MTA red light camera tickets are approximately $500. Yes, $500 that is an expensive ticket. At some locations the red light camera tickets are issued for making a right turn while the light is red.

Regardless of the location, if you have received a LA MTA red light camera ticket we can help you fight the ticket. You would not even have to appear in court if you choose to contest the ticket using a trial by written declaration.  This method of fighting traffic tickets enables the defendant to send in a defense statement to the court by mail. Then, once the judge reviews the statement he/she will send out the verdict by mail. If the verdict is not guilty the ticket will by dismissed and that is the end of it.

The following is a list of LA MTA red light camera ticket locations:

LA MTA Orange Line Red Light Camera Intersections

Tujunga & Busway
Oxnard/Buffalo & Busway
Woodman & Busway
Van Nuys & Busway
Sepulveda & Busway
Woodley & Busway
Balboa & Busway
Lindley & Busway
White Oak & Busway
Reseda & Busway
Tampa & Busway
Mason & Busway
Victory/De Soto & Busway
Vanowen & Busway
Sherman Way & Busway
Saticoy & Busway
Roscoe & Busway
Parthenia & Busway
Nordhoff & Busway

LA MTA Gold Line Red Light Camera Intersections

3rd & Civic Center
3rd & La Verne
3rd & Mednik
3rd & Arizona
3rd & Mc Donnell
3rd & Ford
3rd & Eastern
3rd & Downey
3rd & Gage
1st & Rowan
1st & Lorena
1st & Clarence
1st & Utah
1st & Anderson
1st & Mission
Alameda Street & Temple Street

LA MTA Expo Line Red Light Camera Intersections

Flower & Washington
Flower & USC Trade Tech
Flower & 23rd
Flower & Adams
Flower & 28th Street
Flower & 30th Street
Flower & Jefferson
Exposition & Vermont
Exposition & Raymond
Exposition & Normandie
Exposition & Halldale
Exposition & Denker
Exposition & Western
Exposition & Crenshaw

LA MTA Blue Line Red Light Camera Intersections

20th Street & Long Beach Boulevard
Vernon & Long Beach Boulevard
Century Boulevard & Grandee Avenue
103rd Street & Grandee Avenue
119th Street & Willowbrook Boulevard
130th Street & Willowbrook Boulevard
Stockwell Street & Willowbrook Boulevard
Washington Boulevard & Los Angeles Street
Washington Boulevard & San Pedro Street
Washington Boulevard & Broadway Street
Flower Street & 18th Street
Flower Street & 10 FWY on ramp
Venice & Flower

If you have decided to contest LA MTA red light camera ticket we can help you. Just sign up for our service and send us a copy of the ticket.