speeding ticket pomona 2Fix Your Traffic TicketHave you been issued a speeding ticket in Pomona? You have a few different options that you can pursue as a result of your speeding ticket in Pomona. You can choose to pay your Pomona speeding ticket, which will cost you around $300 to start. Then you will be responsible for court fees, insurance hikes and a point on your DMV record. The point on your driving record will stay there for 3 years and you will be responsible for additional fees from your car insurance provider. You will eventually be looking at nearly $1000 for a simple speeding ticket Pomona. While you may  qualify for traffic school, which you can only do once every 18 months, you will still be responsible for paying the fee for the speeding ticket in Pomona. Finally, you can choose to fight your speeding ticket Pomona and avoid ALL fees and penalties associated with your Pomona speeding ticket all together. That’s right, you can successfully fight a speeding ticket in Pomona and erase it from your record.

2 Fix Your Traffic Ticket - We will take it from there...

speeding ticket pomona 2 Fix Your Traffic TicketThere are several different strategies you can use to fight a speeding ticket in Pomona. But they all involve being aware of your rights as a driver. You must understand the method of speed determination, roadway characteristics and traffic studies done to successfully fight a speeding ticket in Pomona. A Pomona speeding tickets is very common but can be avoided. Avoiding your speeding ticket in Pomona will save you hundreds of dollars and time. Preparing yourself with the right tools and assistance will significantly increase your chances at fighting a speeding ticket in Pomona.