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Have you recently been issued a speeding ticket in Santa Monica? Did do you know that a speeding ticket in Santa Monica will add a point to your driving record that will remain there for a full 3 years? That Santa Monica speeding ticket can effectively increase your car insurance rates over the next three years and cost you hundreds of dollars on top of the existing fee for the speeding ticket. While you may think that traffic school is an appropriate option for your speeding ticket Santa Monica, it is only offered once every 18 months. Taking this route admits guilt and still requires you to pay the cost of your speeding ticket in Santa Monica. Traffic school for a Santa Monica speeding ticket is also very time consuming and inconvenient. Fighting a speeding ticket Santa Monica will save you both time and money.

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speeding ticket santa monica 2 Fix Your Traffic TicketYour Santa Monica speeding ticket can be approached several ways. The most important thing to note is that you must use factual evidence for your defense as simple excuses and denial will not get you anywhere in a court of law. A speeding ticket in Santa Monica can be issued in a few different ways and their defenses are all unique. Depending on whether the Officer used an electronic device or through visual inspection, your defense of your Santa Monica speeding ticket will vary. You must also have a clear understanding of the rules of the roadway and violation be charged against you. Your best defense for your speeding ticket Santa Monica will be based on studies and factual evidence.