Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight Speeding Tickets?

Most of us who have been pulled over for a speeding ticket wonder if it would be easier and more cost effective to hire a traffic lawyer to fight the speeding ticket and get out of it without having to pay more money on insurance premiums.

attorney to fight speeding ticketIn some cases the answer is YES, you need a lawyer to fight speeding tickets especially if you were cited for a misdemeanor which is very rare. In California, almost all of the speeding tickets are infractions unless there was another circumstance in addition to the speeding charge. For infraction speeding you do not need lawyer to fight speeding ticket. In most cases you will be able to contest a speeding ticket charge with a process called trial by written declaration. This process does not require court appearance by the defendant. All you need to do is to fill out the form TR-205 with your statement of facts and send it to the court prior to the dead line with the bail amount. Then, you just sit and wait for the court to review your case and let you know the verdict by mail. If the ticket is dismissed then you will also get your bail amount back within 45 days of the verdict letter.

However, the most important part of successfully doing a trial by written declaration is the statement of facts part. You would need to know what defense statemented use so that your speeding ticket may be dismissed. So, the short answer to the question; do i need lawyer to fight speeding ticket is No.