Red Light Camera Enforcement companies like

There are many companies across the country that operate red light photo enforcement program for various state and local governmental agencies. One such company is Redflex. The website where the red light photo tickets and the videos can be observed by the recipients of the red light camera tickets is

Basically, when a red light photo ticket is issued by this company a notice is sent to the alleged violator. The red light photo notice generally includes 4 photographs of the incident with 2 photographs showing the vehicle approaching the red light and then entering the intersection while the light is red. Then there is another photograph that shows the face of the driver. Finally the fourth photograph shows the license plate of the vehicle.

Along with the four photographs, there is usually a website address where the individual is informed that there is a video of the alleged violation. Therefore, when people receive these red light photo notices in the mail they look at the four pictures and then they look at the video which almost always shows the vehicle entering the intersection while the light is red. After most people look at photographic images, they are convinced that they violated the red light and they end up sending a hefty fine to the court without contesting the red light camera ticket. That is why photonotice sends these red light photo notices out to convince people to pay the fine instead of fighting the red light camera ticket.

However, what the photonotice does not show or even mention anywhere on the red light camera ticket is that the operation of red light camera enforcement system is highly regulated and there are many arguments that can be used to dispute a red light camera ticket. There is also no mention of any of these regulations on the website.

If you have received a red light photo ticket from and you want to fight your ticket we can help you as we have helped many people over the years to fight and beat red light camera tickets.