Red Light Camera Ticket Law

red light camera ticket lawThere are many misconceptions about red light camera enforcement systems out there. One such misconception is that red light camera tickets are illegal or unconstitutional. In various legal challenges the courts have allowed the governmental agencies use automated red light camera enforcement systems. In California, many cities and counties still issue red light camera tickets with a whopping price tag of $500. Ouch! Yes these tickets are very pricy and definitely worth the fight.

Then the next question is how do you fight a red light camera ticket in California? For starters, you would need to be very familiar with red light camera ticket law which is based on the California vehicle code section 21455.5 vc. Furthermore, the vehicle code relies upon the California Manual of Traffic Control Devices MUTCD manual for details of the traffic signal timing and operation with respect to automated red light enforcement system. Therefore, complete familiarity with the California MUTCD is also a must.

Actually, it is probably more important to understand the technical aspects of the traffic signal timing and the operation of the cameras than the red light camera ticket law. However, if you do not want to spend the time and the effort to learn about the details of red light camera operations, we can always help you fight your red light camera tickets in California.