Speeding Ticket California

California Speeding Ticket argumentsAmong all traffic violations getting a speeding ticket California is the most common. All law enforcement agencies in California have traffic enforcement divisions that mostly concentrate on issuing speeding tickets. This is due to the fact that excessive speeds are known to be the primary cause in most accidents. In addition to the safety aspect of issuing speeding tickets, most law enforcement agencies are equipped with speed enforcement radar and lidar units that make it easier to detect the speed of a target vehicle.

In many jurisdictions, law enforcement officers are aware of the most likely stretches of roadways, whether a city street or the freeway, that a driver is likely to exceed the posted speed limit. For example, if there is a downhill on a roadway that is posted for the speed of 45 mph it is very likely that drivers inadvertently will exceed the 45 mph speed limit as they go down the hill. In these situations, the officers generally find a good hiding spot where they can use the radar or lidar unit to determine the speed of approaching vehicles since it is more likely that drivers will exceed the speed limit. Many drivers may think that this type of speed enforcement is a speed trap, however, that is not a true definition os a speed trap.

Speeding Ticket California Speed Trap

Most people have heard of a California Speed trap. To most the term speed trap indicates an illegal action by an officer to catch a driver in the act of speeding. But that is not the case. The term speed trap has to do with the use of an electronic speed detection device in the speed enforcement process while the speed of the subject roadway is reduced below the maximum speed limit without proper engineering and traffic study. Therefore, a speed trap defense would only apply to a speeding ticket California for violation of 22350 vc.

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