Speeding Ticket Court Trial

The following is just an example of what to expect and what may happen when you go to court for a traffic ticket:

Speeding Ticket Court TrialNormally, when you go to court, after attendance roll is taken if the Officer does not show up your case would be dismissed by the judge. If the judge does not dismiss your case and asks you to come back, you should object and indicate you took time out of your busy life to show up to court and if the Officer could not make it then your case should be dismissed.

In some of the counties in California on the day of the trial, the bailiff may ask all the defendants who prefer to do traffic school to go up and request traffic school before the proceedings start. If you choose to do traffic school instead of going through with the trial then you may ask for traffic school at this time. However, if the traffic school is not offered at this time, you may have to wait and ask the judge at the time you are called up.

If the Officer shows up, before the trial begins the Officer will most likely call you and show the evidence against you that he/she will be presenting to the judge. Review the documents. If you are going to present evidence in court you may also show them to the officer. DO NOT SHOW THE OFFICER YOUR STATEMENT JUST THE EXHIBITS.

When you are called up the judge may offer traffic school before the trial starts. When trial starts the Officer will testify first. When it is your turn, you may present your case orally or prepare a written statement. If you decide on the second choice, tell the judge that you prepared a statement and you would like to read the statement in court or that you have a copy for the judge to review.  In most cases the judge may prefer to review the statement without you reading it.

After you make your statement, if the judge dismisses the case then you have won. If you are found guilty you may request the judge to allow you to do traffic school. If you need to find out how to beat a speeding ticket click on the highlighted link.