Speeding Ticket Defense Letter

speeding ticket defense letterIn California defendants in a traffic ticket violation case for an infraction may choose to fight their traffic ticket in writing with a process called Trial by Written Declaration. Using this process a person contesting the ticket will send in a written statement to the court using a form TR-205. Therefore, a speeding ticket defense letter should be included in the Statement of Facts section of form TR-205. The courts in California do not accept letters in place of a trial by written declaration form.

As far as the question, what should be included in a speeding ticket defense letter or statement of facts?

Most certainly stay away from statement that would be self incriminating such as; I was driving with the flow of traffic or I was only driving 5 mph over the speed limit etc..etc.. You should also stay away from making speeding ticket excuses that will not work in court such as; the officer made a mistake or the officer’s radar was not working right.

The best course of action is to have a clear understanding of the making a case against the speed enforcement technique that was used in your case. For example, if the officer used radar then you need to be very familiar with radar operation and point out factors that would have caused the radar to generate an error in your speed detection. Do not make a mistake between radar and lidar. These two devices use different technologies and would require specific arguments to each one. Similarly, if the officer used the speedometer of the patrol vehicle to determine your speed by pacing your vehicle over a certain distance you would need to know how to make a case against using the speedometer.