The reason we have listed speeding ticket excuses that do not work in traffic court is to alert you to change your strategy of fighting your speeding ticket. Here is a list of speeding ticket excuses that do not work in traffic court:

Speeding Ticket ExcusesAs for forgiveness, DO NOT beg and cry for mercy.  Begging the judge for mercy does not work and it will not get you out of a traffic ticket including a speeding ticket.

Do not use a bad speedometer defense. Judges do not dismiss speeding tickets if your speedometer was not properly working. Judges have heard this a million times and it is not a valid speeding ticket defense.

Do not accuse the Officer of issuing a speeding ticket to you because of your ethnic background or you race gender etc. unless you have real proof.

Do not tell the judge that you were driving with the flow of traffic. In a way that is self incrimination that you were actually exceeding the speed limit may be in a group of 100 vehicles. But the Officer just stopped you out of all those vehicles. The fact is that the Officer cannot be expected to stop all the speeders. By arguing the driving with flow of traffic, you have actually admitted to the fact you were speeding. First you establish that other motorists were speeding. Next, you admit you were keeping up with the speeding motorists.

Do not argue that no one else was on the road and you did not endanger anyone. You still admitted to speeding and that will not get your speeding ticket dismissed.

Do not argue that you did not know what the speed limit was or that there are no speed limit signs where you were stopped. Not knowing the law is not an excuse to violate it. Playing dumb will not help to get the speeding ticket dismissed.

Do not argue the speed radar was not working unless you know how to attack the radar and prove your point.

Do not accuse the officer of anything in the courtroom unless you have proof. Accusations only make you sound desperate.

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