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If you have a speeding ticket we can help you to fight speeding tickets. There are many types of California speeding ticket. There are local police speeding tickets. There are CHP speeding tickets that people need help to fight a California speeding ticket. How to fight a speeding ticket in California is a very common question asked by people who have California speeding tickets.

Speeding Ticket HelpThe first question people ask is how to I beat my speeding ticket. To properly answer the question how do I beat my speeding ticket one must first determine the type of speeding ticket. For example, was the speeding ticket issued using evidence from a speeding radar unit? The reason this information is important is due to the fact that a speeding ticket defense will be different for each method of speeding ticket enforcement. However, most speeding tickets in California are issued by the use of speeding radar or lidar. Also, most people think if speeding radar is used to issue a speeding ticket, then it is hard to beat the speeding ticket. In fact radar speeding tickets are easier to beat in traffic court. The reason that radar speeding tickets are easier to beat is that the officers must follow strict guidelines for issuing speeding tickets when using speed radar. However, due to complexity of the requirements most officers do not follow all the requirements to issue a radar speeding ticket and this creates the opportunity to create a speeding ticket defense that eventually can get a speeding ticket dismissed in traffic court.

Our speeding ticket experts have comprehensive knowledge of the policies and the requirements for issuing valid radar speeding tickets in California. That is why we are so successful at beating radar speeding tickets in California.

Many speeding tickets are issued by a method called pacing which is self explanatory. Basically, the officer starts to pace a suspect vehicle and based on the speed indicated by the enforcement vehicle’s speedometer the officer determines the approximate speed of the suspect vehicle and issues the speeding ticket. Contrary to all the erroneous information out on various websites, the officer does not have to pace a vehicle over a specific required distance in order to issue a valid speeding ticket by pacing. After an officer observes a vehicle exceeding the speed limit the office may pull the vehicle over and issue the speeding ticket in California. However, all officers must follow strict requirements to issue a speeding ticket by pacing in California. Our speeding ticket experts are very knowledgeable about all the policies and the requirements by the law enforcement agencies for issuing valid speeding tickets by pacing. Obviously, the most important aspect of issuing a speeding ticket by pacing is for the officer to be able to get accurate information from the enforcement vehicle’s speedometer since the officer relies entirely on that evidence in order to issue a pacing speeding ticket. Obviously this opens the door for numerous errors that can cause the officer to make a mistake and issue an unfair speeding ticket. Our speeding ticket experts are able to prepare speeding ticket defenses using their knowledge of how the errors can affect the officer’s judgment.

In California there are a certain number of speeding tickets that are issued by the CHP based on CHP air patrol operations. Basically, the CHP uses fixed wing aircraft to patrol the freeways from the air. The officer in the plain measures the speed of vehicles on the ground including information about the target vehicle. Then, the air patrol officer reports the speeding vehicle to the CHP ground unit officer. At this time, the CHP ground unit officer proceeds with the speeding ticket enforcement action by pulling the driver over. In these type of speeding ticket cases the, there are two officers involved in issuing the speeding ticket. This fact creates various speeding ticket defenses that are very effective in getting the speeding ticket dismissed. Our speeding ticket experts are thoroughly familiar with all the detailed steps that the CHP officers must take to issue a valid speeding ticket issued with the use of an airplane.