Speeding Ticket Pacing Defense

Speeding Ticket Pacing DefenseIn order to create a viable speeding ticket pacing defense to get a speeding ticket dismissed in court, you should try to get the officer’s speedometer calibration information to see when was the last time the speedometer in the speed enforcement vehicle was calibrated. It would also help to get the maintenance history of the vehicle and look at how many times in the past the speedometer required maintenance.

Each and every law enforcement agency has their own policies and procedures in place for vehicle maintenance such as frequency of calibration and maintenance. As a result, it is important to know these requirement so that you can compare the information that you find out about the specific reinforcement vehicle in your case and see if the vehicle was in compliance with the maintenance requirements.

Is it easy to beat a speeding ticket with a  Speeding Ticket Pacing Defense?

It all comes down to what information you were able to find out about the officer’s vehicle and the condition the vehicle was in on the date of enforcement. However, there are other issues that may play a role in beating a speeding ticket by pacing. One such factor would be the distance that the officer followed the target vehicle and the time of the pace. Even if the speedometer was properly functioning, there may be situations where the office is reading the speed as indicated in the patrol vehicle while the officer is accelerating to catch up with the target vehicle. If this situation occurs then it is highly likely that the officer is assuming the target vehicle is moving at a higher rate of speed resulting in an error.