Speeding Ticket Points in California

speeding ticket pointsGenerally, in California speeding ticket points are based on the violation speed. Violations of 22349 a or 22349 b or 22356 b or 22350, which are the most common violation codes, are all single point violations. However, violation of 22348 b which is speeding in excess of 100 mph carries a two point penalty.

In California speeding ticket points can cost you many hundreds of dollars over the year since these points can increase your insurance premiums. In some cases also speeding ticket points can cause the DMV to take action to suspend or revoke the driver license of the frequent offender.

Obviously, the ramification of having speeding ticket points on the driving record can be life changing especially in cases where the person can no longer drive due to a revoked license. Imaging the impact on a persons job or school or even everyday life such as picking the kids up from school. Therefore, do not take your driving privilege for granted because once it is gone the impact on your life can be devastating.

Most people contest their speeding tickets in California to avoid the DMV points on their driver license. So, if you are considering to fight your ticket or not take into account the impact having a few points on your record. Generally speaking, we recommend to contest every ticket first and then if the court does not dismiss the ticket then ask for traffic school to keep the points off the record. Mainly this is due to the fact that in California you nmay only do traffic school once every 18 months. Therefore, if you get a second ticket within that time period and that second ticket is not dismissed then you are stock with the point on your record for a few years to come.