Are Speeding Tickets Traffic Violations?

Are Speeding Tickets Traffic ViolationsYes, in California speeding tickets are considered traffic violations. Majority of speeding tickets are considered infractions which is a minor type of a violation. However, speeding tickets require for the accused to address the ticket through the California superior court system. After the officer issues a speeding ticket, the officer must submit the ticket to the nearest court to the area where the violation occurred for processing. Once the ticket has been entered into the court system, the defendant will be required to contact the court by a specific date to:

  • Enter a plea of guilty and pay the fine or
  • Enter a plea of not guilty and request a court trial or trial by written declaration or
  • Request an extension of appearance date to postpone the case for late

If the accused ignores the ticket and fails to contact the court by the specific date as indicated on the ticket then the person would also be charged with a failure to appear which is a misdemeanor offense and carries a $300 civil penalty on top of the original fine for the traffic ticket. Also, a failure to appear may result in the suspension of license. So, it is a very bad idea to ignore the ticket. If you have received a traffic violation you must take this seriously and follow the instructions given to you by the officer and/or the courtesy notice sent to you by the court. Please note that the courts in California are not required to send out a courtesy notice. It is the responsibility of the accused to contact the court prior to the date indicated on the citation even if the court never sends out a notice.

So, if you were issued a speeding ticket take this matter seriously so that it does not become any more complicated than it need to be.