Talk Your Way Out Of Speeding Ticket

What happens when you are pulled over for a speeding ticket, can you talk your way out of speeding ticket? In most cases when you get pulled over the first question the officer is going to ask you is: Do you know why I pulled you over? The reason for this is that the officer wants you to admit the violation (whether speeding or any other type of violation). As a result the best thing to do is to not admit to any wrong doing. Remember it is your right to not say anything.

talk your way out of speeding ticketAs far as talking your way out of speeding ticket that can be very complicated. In most cases regardless of what you tell the officer, he/she will tell you that if you want you can go to court and tell the judge about it. Therefore, any explanation that you may have for the officer will most likely not result in a warning or the officer just letting you get back on the road without issuing a ticket to you.

The most important thing is to pay attention to where you were when you were pulled over, the traffic conditions and the location of the officer with respect to your vehicle. Also, make sure to review the ticket before you sign it and ask any questions about the ticket. For example, you may ask the officer if he used radar or lidar. There should be a notation on the ticket about the method the officer used to detect your speed. If there is no notation on the ticket ask the officer.

Also, the officer will ask you to sign the ticket. Keep in mind that signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt and you can always contest the ticket. If you have a speeding ticket we can help you fight it.