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In most cases, California no left turn tickets are issued for violation of California vehicle code Section 22101 d vc. Here is the description for 22101 d vc:

22101 d When official traffic control devices are placed as required in subdivisions (b) or (c), it shall be unlawful for any driver of a vehicle to disobey the directions of such official traffic control devices.

Here is the description for 22101 a 22101 b and 22101 c vc:

22101 a The Department of Transportation or local authorities in respect to highways under their respective jurisdictions, may cause official traffic control devices to be placed or erected within or adjacent to intersections to regulate or prohibit turning movements at such intersections.

22101 b When turning movements are required at an intersection notice of such requirement shall be given by erection of a sign, unless an additional clearly marked traffic lane is provided for the approach to the turning movement, in which event notice as applicable to such additional traffic lane shall be given by any official traffic control device.

22101 c When right or left-hand turns are prohibited at an intersection notice of such prohibition shall be given by erection of a sign.

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