Mistake on Speeding Ticket

mistakes on traffic ticket officer errorHow can a mistake on speeding ticket get the ticket dismissed? Well, this is a simple question but the answer is not as simple. A short answer would be, Yes. A mistake on mistake on speeding ticket can get the ticket dismissed but it very much depends on the gravity of the mistake and the relevance to violation itself.

For example, if the officer made an error in recording the drivers age on the citation or the drivers date of birth, that error may not be a good reason for the judge to dismiss the ticket. Lets say the officer recorded 1976 instead of 1978 for the year the driver was born. Okay that is an error but how does that show that the driver did not actually exceed the speed limit? It really does not. So, even if you point this mistake out to the judge you may just cause the judge to get mad at you. However, let’s say there were a number of errors on the ticket that are not necessarily relevant to the violation such as, driver’s age, hair color, city of residence etc.. Well now things may be a little different especially if the ticket was issued towards then end of the officer’s shift. This may show the judge that the officer might have been tired after working 8 hours and may have possibly made a few mistakes.

Now, let’s say the error had to do with the color of the target vehicle. Let’s assume you were driving a red car but the officer marked the color green.  This may be a relevant point specific to a speeding ticket especially if the officer was using radar. Since the officer must have detected the speed of the car by targeting a vehicle and using the radar unit. The question becomes; Did the officer target a green car but by mistake stop the red car thereby, stopping the wrong vehicle. Well this may not be one of the strongest speeding ticket arguments but not a bad one either.