If you get a red light camera ticket Saticoy Busway recently you are not alone. Many people keep getting red light tickets at this location. The fine for this violation is approximately $500. NOT CHEAP. So, what can you do? Well you can certainly believe the photos, throe in the towel, plead guilty and pay. Best case scenario is that you may be able to do traffic school to keep the points off your record. But wait! Before you rush in and ask for traffic school you need to know that you still have to pay the $500 fine PLUS $50 to $60 court fee for traffic school PLUS the traffic school fee PLUS the time that you need to spend to complete traffic school.

Well, as previously indicated NOT CHEAP. So, what is you other option to deal with a red light camera ticket at Saticoy Busway? Well, you could plead not guilty and fight the ticket. Here the question becomes, how? and that is where things get interesting. Even though most people would rather fight a red light camera ticket they end up paying the $500 PLUS all the other costs because they do not know how.

red light ticket saticoy buswayOne thing to keep in mind is that there is a NO RIGHT TURN ON RED sign at this location for the northbound direction. Therefore, even if you come to a complete stop it would be a violation to turn right while the light is red.

Additionally, to successfully fight a red light camera ticket it is necessary to look at the traffic signal timing at the time and the date that the citation was issued in order to see if the traffic signal was operating in accordance to the minimum design standards.

There are many other arguments that can be used when contesting a red light camera ticket at Saticoy and Busway. If you have decided to fight your ticket sign up for our service on this page by clicking on the red button on top of this page to get started.

Here is a photograph of the intersection:

Red light camera ticket Saticoy Busway

red light camera ticket saticoy busway

LAMTA Red Light Camera Ticket Locations