The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority also known as LA MTA operates transit services in Los Angeles County including the Orange line in the San Fernando Valley.

la mta red light camera ticketThe Orange line operates on a dedicated roadway exclusive to the buses. The dedicated roadway crosses many major streets. As part of the operation of the Orange line the LA MTA also operates automated red light camera enforcement system at various crossings. Basically, a LA MTA red light camera ticket will be issued to anyone who violates the red light signal at any of these crossings. The fine for LA MTA red light camera ticket is approximately $500.  Most people who get a red light ticket in the mail are shocked to find out that they got a ticket and yet shocked again when they find out the fine is $500.

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Here is a list of intersections in the San Fernando Valley along the Orange line where you may have gotten a LA MTA red light camera ticket: