red light camera ticket los angelesLA MTA is enforcing the red light at the intersection of Victory De Soto and busway using automated red light enforcement system. Most of the red light tickets at this location are issued to vehicles traveling in the westbound direction making a right turn onto De Soto Avenue. The close proximity of the traffic signals that control the traffic at Victory and De Soto and De Soto and Busway create a very confusing situation for drivers. For traffic in the southbound direction there is a problem with drivers view of signal indications for both intersections at the same time in close proximity.

Additionally, drivers in the westbound direction turning north get caught in the intersection between Victory and Busway crossing.  If you have a red light camera ticket Victory De Soto we can help you fight it. All you need to do is to sign up for our service now and let us work on your case.

red light camera ticket victory de soto busway

LAMTA Red Light Camera Ticket Locations